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Donating to the Parish



Our Parish relies on offertory gifts and donations to meet its many commitments. Contributing regularly helps the Parish to understand the level of income expected to be received and to budget accordingly to cover regular expenses and the costs of scheduled property maintenance.



Donations can be made to the Parish

by the following methods: 

DONA - Online

Online donations to St. Mary’s church and St. Philips church are operated by Dona. This method also allows you to Gift Aid your donation if you wish. Once gift aid details have been entered, your future donations are automatically gift aided and you will receive an email acknowledging each donation. 

If you want to donate this way, please click on one of the buttons placed above. 

DONA - Digital Plate Church

The Contactless Unit in the Church. This is a contactless payment device operated by Dona, a company that handles donations on our behalf. If you wish to gift aid your donations.  Methods 1 and 2 are linked. Once this has been done, you will receive an email for each Gift Aided donation you make.

Bank Transfer or Standing Order

Bank Transfers or Standing Orders to Crowborough, Herons Ghyll and Uckfield bank account. These donations can be gift aided by income tax payers, at no extra cost to the donor, to enable the parish to reclaim tax paid for the benefit of the parish. Our bank details for each church are available here.


Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a tax relief allowing UK charities to reclaim tax equal to 25% of every eligible donation made by a UK taxpayer (income tax or capital gains tax).


What do I have to do to Gift Aid my donation?

To join the scheme you will need to complete a Gift Aid declaration form in which you confirm that you are a UK taxpayer. This form only needs to be completed once.


How do I know if I am a UK taxpayer?

If you have a salary, savings, investments or a pension you may well be a taxpayer and, if so, you can Gift Aid your donations. The advices you receive from your employer and / or your pension provider will show the income tax deducted from them prior to payment; and your HMRC tax return, if you are required to complete one, will show your income tax paid or payable.


Will this affect my tax status?

No. As a taxpayer any donations you make to St Mary’s have already had an element of tax deducted, usually by way of income tax. What the Gift Aid scheme does is recover some of the tax as a boost to your gift.


Do I have to tell the taxman about my donation?

Only if you are asked to complete a self-assessment tax form by the Inland Revenue.


Why should I Gift Aid?

It increases our Church’s income. We should all use our resources well and this way is efficient and valuable; and at no additional cost to you. Every £1 donated via Gift Aid can be increased to £1.25


What is the minimum amount I can give?

You can give any amount, large or small, regularly or one-off and the Church can reclaim the tax. There is no lower or upper limit on your donation. It can be regular or one-off.


Decided to donate via Gift Aid. - What do I do next?

Please complete the Gift Aid Declaration (GAD), which can be downloaded below, and return it to the Gift Aid Organiser by email directly or via the Church Office. This form must be completed in order for the Church to be able to claim Gift Aid on your donation.

For donations by monthly standing order please also complete the Standing Order Mandate, which can be downloaded below, and submit it to your bank. For those parishioners who bank online this can be set up more conveniently themselves.

Your 6 digit Diocese GAD number should be included as a reference and this will be advised to you after your Gift Aid Declaration has been returned to the Gift Aid Organiser in the parish.


What if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change, you can stop, reduce or increase your donation, by simply updating your Standing Order details with your bank via on-line banking or by informing your bank directly in line with their procedures

Please advise the Gift Aid Organiser, in writing, of any change to avoid confusion.


Download Gift Aid Declaration

Download Standing Order Mandate for St Mary - Crowborough

Download Standing Order Mandate for St Philip Neri - Uckfield

Download Standing Order Mandate for St John Evangelist - Herons Ghyll


If you would like further information on Parish Giving and the Gift Aid Scheme please contact John Paremain (our Parish Gift Aid Organiser) by telephone on 01892 655616 or by email on

Gift Aid makes your donation go further at no additional cost to you!

All personal information, including sums donated, are in total confidence. The information is held securely on the diocese GiftWise System.


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