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Welcome to Crowborough 

Saint Mary Mother of Christ church gathers approximately 200 parishioners, who form a greater Community with churches from Uckfield & Herons Ghyll. Those 3 churches together create a one of the four clusters of the Lewes Paris.

All About Us


We greatly value opportunities to build on our relationship with other Christian Churches, local organizations and the wider community of which we are a part.


In the parish, there is a strong unity of purpose and spirit of mutual support, with many opportunities for spiritual development and events of a more social nature for everyone to come together.  


We extend a warm welcome to all who wish to join us in both our services and our social and outreach activities.

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Experience the Love and Grace of God


t. Vincent de Paul 

Mission Statement

To seek and find those in need and to serve them through person-to-person contact, irrespective of age, colour, creed, gender or ideology.


We are a small group of parishioners linked to the national and international Society of St Vincent de Paul.


We meet monthly, generally on one Saturday of the month at 10 am in the Parish Room.

We get direct referrals, also from Fr Irek and other sources including St Mary’s School. 


In many cases,the visits or telephone contacts are simply to address the poverty of loneliness. One of our main roles is arranging lifts to Mass, Medical and Hospital Appointments and for shopping.   


If Financial Assistance is required, we have funds available, within the Conference, but can also call on other funding sources, within the Vincentian Family. At Christmas, and at other times, we purchase Supermarket Vouchers which are given anonymously to families in need, 


We can source Household items, White Goods  and Medical Equipment, when needed.


With our Parish Priest support, we try to arrange three or four Masses during the year, followed by a Social Usually, Shrove Tuesday, A Healing Mass in May, and All souls 2nd November.  In late September there is SVP Awareness week, we hope to have a Mass feast of St. Vincent 27 th September with refreshments.

A Summer Outing is held at a suitable venue.

Through the International Twinnage Scheme, support is given to three Indian Conferences financially and with mutual prayers. Specific projects abroad are undertaken with the Parish involved.


If you want further information or support, please contact the Monique & Phill Ronan (662688) or any other SVP Member.      

Pastoral Care of the 

The members of the Bereavement Care Team are parishioners who have been trained by the Diocese to offer friendship and support.

If at any time you would like to talk to a member of the team or would like someone to visit you, please call any member of the team; Monique Ronan and Barbara Fee via the parish office; or email: the Parish Office directly.

This offer of friendship and support is extended to bereaved parishioners living away or abroad, who do not have local support.

There is a Remembrance book in the church where names of the deceased can be added at any time.

Support is given to the family at the time of death and at the funeral if at St. Mary's Church with tea and coffee beforehand.

Sympathy cards are sent at the time of bereavement and on the first anniversary.

A special Mass is said on All Souls’ Day in November to pray for all who have died. Everyone is welcome to this Mass.

Care & Support Crow.

Our History

Dear Visitors and Friends,

I hope that you enjoy reading our (history) this booklet which charts the growth of our Parish community from the early days in 1910, when Mass was said in the Oddfellows Hall, through the building of the chapel, to becoming a parish Church (...)

I  hope and pray, that as we enter our second century of the Catholic worship here in Crowborough that we will continue to grow as a community, welcome friends and strangers alike, and be seen as worthy successors of those pioneering Catholics.



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Quote taken from the booklet "St Mary's, Mother of Christ, Crowborough - A Short History" publication. 

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