September update from Fr Dominic

Published Date: 4th September 2021

Please check the Newsletters and Parish Calendar for details of events over the coming weeks but I would like to highlight the following information:

Holiday Arrangements

While I am away from the parish please use the Parish office email and telephone to leave messages. Mr Mike Dean will respond when he can.

Pilgrimage to West Grinstead

Please could you return your ‘slips’ to the Priest’s Cottage by NO LATER THAN Sunday, 26th September. Thank You. We shall need to let the Shrine know how many people are coming.

Parish Council News

Our Parish Council had their first formal meeting on Wednesday September 1st in our Parish Room. Minutes of this meeting are available in our Church Porch and in our Parish Room.

Our next Meeting is on Wednesday November 3rd at 7.30pm.

Cafod Family Fast Day

The annual Cafod Family Fast Day will take place during the week beginning September 25/26th.

St Vincent de Paul

It will be the Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul on Monday September 27th. Mass will be celebrated at 10am and will be followed by a gathering in the Parish Room.