An update from Fr Dominic (2) - July 2021

Published Date: 20th July 2021

Further Relaxation of Covid Restrictions

As we gradually come away from the restrictions, cancellations and losses of the last year and a quarter, you may be wondering about coming “back to Mass”. As your Priest I would encourage you and your Family to come to ONE Mass in any 7 day period. However, for those of you who might feel that you're not yet ready to come back inside our Church, we will continue to livestream and record Masses for you to view remotely.

I would also encourage you to consider coming to Confession ONCE A MONTH. I am available on Saturdays from after Mass until about 11.30am.

I would like to ask everyone to consider the more vulnerable members of our Parish. It may be both helpful and charitable to continue to sanitise, wear masks and to keep a metre apart.

Holy Mass is also offered at Holy Cross Priory and St. Augustine’s in Tunbridge Wells


Parish Council Meeting

Our new Parish Council will be holding its next meeting in our Parish Room on Wednesday, 1st September at 7.30pm.

Parishioners on our Council are: Effie Smith, Isabel Cameron, John Paremain, Paul Gamba,

Alex Ford-Rojas, Mike Dean, Mark Donaghy, John and Naomi O’Keeffe, Mike Cantwell.


Changes to Weekday Mass Times

Changes to weekday Mass times starting on 2nd August are noted in the Parish Calendar with Mass on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to be followed by 15 minutes of Adoration. Please note, there will no longer be a Mass on Thursday or Friday mornings.



I hope to have a holiday in September. On the weekends of 11/12th and 18/19th there will be a

Service of The Word and Holy Communion.


Senior's Lunch

On the third Wednesday of each month, a lovely lunch of delicious Indonesian food will be prepared for senior members of our Parish. There will be space for 15 guests who can either book by signing up to a list in the church or via email to our parish office. Dates for the next three months are 18th August, 15th September and 20th October 2021, all commencing at 1.00pm.


Pilgrimage to the Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation

will take place on Saturday, 2nd October. Fliers for this event are available in our Church.