Pastoral Team

The Role of the Team is to provide support for, and guidance to, Father Dominic, and to raise and

discuss issues relevant to our community.

The Church's Code of Law revised by the Council states:

"The Role of the Pastoral Team or Council is to consider those matters concerning pastoral work in the parish, and to propose practical measures. To help the priest co-ordinate the different pastoral ventures which the Clergy, Religious and Lay People of any given parish undertake or propose to undertake. The membership of the Team or Council is to be determined by the Bishop to whom is entrusted the overall pastoral care of the Diocese" (No: 1066)

Bishop Cormac's directive was:

"The Parish Priest should invite a small group of people who will meet with him on a regular basis to discuss priorities for parish life. Success will depend on the way its members are prepared to work together. Team members should be invited for two-year terms - renewable. Qualities marking the meetings of the Parish Pastoral Team will be prayer, fostering co-operation, and listening sensitively to the wider parish."

The seven highlighted Pastoral Areas which are the heart of a priest's care of a parish and are part of the Mission of the Church:

    1. Adult Formation: Preaching and teaching the Faith of the Church, and teaching others to do the same especially Catechists and Parents.

    2. Social Concerns:

        1. Local concerns - the variety of personal and family needs in any given area.

        2. International concerns - the Third World. Questions of Justice and Peace.

    3. Marriage & Family Life: Seeking ways of preparing couples for Marriage; Supporting them in the early years of marriage. Providing family support, Making known all the Statutory agencies and voluntary agencies in the area.

    4. Young People: Catechital Programmes; Other formation projects, knowing where to find help and advice. Trying to integrate them in to the Parish Community.

    5. Ecumenism: Inter-Church and in some places, Inter-Faith contacts, shared projects, organising opportunities to pray and worship together etc.

    6. Prayer & Liturgy: The heart of the Church's Life: Fostering liturgical ministries, prayer experiences. Encouraging best practice in public worship.

    7. Small Group Aposolate: To build and develop ways of being the Church in small local communities built on similar interests, living in given areas, or sharing in a common project. The Church is made up of a gathering of small communities.

It is the Bishop's dream that these areas are adapted by individuals who make up the Pastoral Team and fostered by them.

If you want to find out any more information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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