Children's Liturgy

During the nine thirty mass on Sundays,children are invited to join the Children’s Liturgy Group. This is so that they can celebrate a separate Liturgy of the Word that is more appropriate to their level of understanding.

The Children’s Liturgy is not religious instruction or childminding.The children do what the rest of the community is doing at this point in the Mass, but in a way that is more suited to them, with discussions and some practical activity too.

The group is usually divided into two. Although there is not a strict rule, those who have made their First Communion meet in the Sacristy while the younger children meet in the Parish Room.

The Children’s Liturgy Group has tradionally been run by the parents of the children attending it, and it is important that new parents become involved as the children grow and take part in other aspects of the church community.

If you want to find out any more information then please do not hesitate to contact us.