Donating to the Parish

Published Date: 2nd March 2022

Donating to the Parish

Our Parish relies on offertory gifts and donations to meet its many commitments. Contributing regularly helps the Parish to understand the level of income expected to be received and to budget accordingly to cover regular expenses and the costs of scheduled property maintenance.

Donations can be made to the Parish by the following methods:

1. The Offertory Basket in St. Mary’s at the end of Mass.

2. Bank Transfers or Standing Orders to St. Mary’s Bank Account. These donations can be gift aided by income tax payers, at no extra cost to the donor, to enable the parish to reclaim tax paid for the benefit of the parish. Our bank details are available here.

3. The Contactless Unit in the Church. This is a contactless payment device operated by Dona, a company that handles donations on our behalf. If you wish to gift aid your donations, please first use the Online Donation (Method 4) below. Methods 3 and 4 are linked. Once this has been done, you will receive an email for each Gift Aided donation you make.

4. On-line Donations to St. Mary’s Church. Operated by Dona. This method also allows you to Gift Aid your donation if you wish. Once gift aid details have been entered, your future donations are automatically gift aided and you will receive an email acknowledging each donation. To make an on-line donation to St. Mary's using this method, please follow this link.

5. The Arundel & Brighton Diocese has its own “On-line Donation” page on its website. By selecting “Crowborough” from the drop-down list of Parishes shown, the Diocese will forward the donation to our Parish. Please use this link to access the Diocese donation page.

Thank you so much for your generous donations which help us to share our mission of faith.

Links to further information:

Gift Aid

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