Finance Committee

In Canon Law, the primary responsibility to administer all parish goods rests with the Parish Priest and cannot be delegated. To support him in this, the priest must ensure that an effective Parish Finance Committee (PFC) is formed and and that all relevant information is made available to its members. All members of the PFC are appointed by the Parish Priest and he may freely replace any member at any time. The PFC should comprise the parish clergy together with a minimum of three lay people drawn from the members of the faithful. The Gift Aid organiser and Health & Safety Representative should be included on the committee along with an accountant or someone with bookkeeping ability and one person with relevant property expertise. The Chair of the Parish Finance Committee must not be the Parish Priest and should not usually be a member of the parish clergy”. (Extract from the Diocese of Arundel & Brighton Parish Finance Committee Handbook)

If any parishioner(s) feels that they can effectively contribute their services by being part of our PFC at St Mary's, or would like further information, please speak with Fr Dominic.

Our current Parish Finance Committee comprises:

Parish Priest - Fr Dominic

Treasurer / Bookkeeper – Isabel Cameron

Gift Aid Organiser – John Paremain

Property / Maintenance – Michael Cantwell