Parish Groups

There are many ways of bearing witness to Christ in the modern world

In addition to the Parish Pastoral Team, we have a wide range of activities and groups within the parish seeking to support the community. With varying time commitments, skills, experience and ranging from spiritual to secular we have something for everyone to get involved with and make their contribution to supporting the parish and the wider community in a way that works for you - they will know them by your actions.

With over a third of our parish involved in at least one activity or group St Mary's is a vibrant and friendly parish always looking to welcome new members to the team.

Demonstrating that we are part of the larger community, many parishioners also take part of their own accord in helping local and national charities - fundraising for our local Hospice, working with The Prince's Trust, carrying out volunteer duties at local hospitals or for the local Social Services, organising fundraising events for disaster appeals and in many other ways that they prefer to undertake inconspicuously .

Young people too, take part in these charitable activities both at home and overseas.

If you want to find out any more information then please do not hesitate to contact us identifying which group or activity you are interested in.

The Parish at the beginning of mass