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Herons Ghyll


​Blessed John Henry Newman, among his many great words of wisdom, gave this gentle and reassuring advice: " Learn to do thy part and leave the rest to Heaven".  This approach seems to have served our parish well, and has kept harmony among us. It is worse reflecting that nothing much might have happened at Herons Ghyll, unless someone, echoing the great Saint John Evangelist, patron of the parish, had not had the courage and the vision to light a light in these parts that would, however modestly, help to diffuse the darkness of a century in which Catholics still had to fight for their freedom of religious expression, indeed for the identity.

Passage taken from the epilogue of the book "Herons Ghyll" - The History of Sussex Parish  1879 to 2015

Herons G. consecr of the church .jpg

Photo taken after the Consecration of the Church of St John the Evangelist, 7 September 1904

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David goody bell ringing.jpg

David Goodey, personally associated with Herons Ghyll school and Parish since 1945, ringing the bell of St John's 70 years later.

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