2000 Onwards

In the autumn of 1999 representatives of Crowborough Churches Together met to discuss the possibility of creating a commemorative display of our local Christian heritage that would last beyond the Millennium celebrations. After much debate it was agreed that each local Christian community would create and individual banner of six sixteen inch embroidered squares, each showing the spiritual life of Crowborough from within each church. These would all be mounted on the same cream background and arranged around a gold cross. One square on each banner was to show the relevant church building of those that produced it.

A small group of volunteers from St. Mary's met to discuss the making of our contribution to this effort. Our six squares eventually depicted a collage of the parish, all done in tweeds, the Catholic World Jubilee motif with the blue circle representing the universe, the cross supporting humanity in the continents represented by five doves - the light in the centre is Christ yesterday, today and forever. There is a pattern of interlocking doves to show the solidarity which the great Jubilee Year 2000 promoted. A Nativity scene was chosen as a symbol of the start of the Millennium, whilst the symbols of the seven blessed sacraments within our church are also depicted. The panel also contains an appliqué and embroidered square (made by a parent of a pupil in the school) showing the school uniform and badge, whilst the Millennium project we undertook to provide water storage facilities in Petit Martinique in the Caribbean is also shown.

Once all the squares were completed, volunteers from all the churches met to produce the final banner - an excellent example of Christians of local denominations working together in the community. The final result was displayed for the first time at an ecumenical service at midnight on January 1st 2000 and was subsequently on display in the Town Hall for some weeks and also in the local library for the whole community to see.

A desk calendar was produced using at least two panels from each church and this was sold in local shops and churches. The Catholic Jubilee motif was selected for the cover.

Autumn of 2000 saw us having to rewire the church yet again to comply with current Health and Safety Legislation. This was successfully completed within one week, thereby minimising disruption to services, apart from weekday Masses.

So the Church moves into the 21st century, very much part of the local community. Having stood for over 90 years, serving the Catholic Community as their centre of worship to this present day, we are starting to look forward to our centenary year which will come all too soon!

On January 11th 2004, Bishop Kieran visited us and presented a Bene Merente Medal to a parishioner. Click here for more details and pictures.

February 8th 2004 saw the formal induction of Elizabeth Lewis into her role as the new Headteacher of St Mary's School. Click here for more details and pictures.

If you have or know the whereabouts of images of St Mary's during this period we would love to here from you.