February 1987 saw the addition of the Lady Chapel and in June of the same year we had a new Sacristy, Parish Room and central Altar.

Four years later - July 1991 - we were able to add a new organ and the ceiling of the church was replaced along with another rewiring. This construction work was carried out by a parishioner - the late Doug Mepham.

In September 1992 the present Altar was installed and two months later we vacated the church for a few weeks, holding all our services in the adjoining St. Mary's School Hall, while two pillars - one either side of the main aisle - were removed and the relevant structural and refurbishment work was undertaken. This resulted in a much more open feel to the church interior and considerably improved the visibility for those that sit in the side aisles, helping them to feel more a part of the overall congregation.

If you have or know the whereabouts of images of St Mary's during this period we would love to here from you.