By this time Father White-Spunner had become Parish Priest and in the following year insisted that the Bazaar was to be held to raise Parish

Funds and the first of the now annual events was held in the School. When the Hall was built there were still only three classrooms in the school. The original school bell was mounted outside the school door and each child was allowed to ring it on his/her birthday chiming the birthday number. In November 1966 central heating was installed in the Church and records that exist in the parish today show that a sum of £650 was spent on this project.

Frank Sellens, the local newspaper reporter was an excellent organist. Fr White-Spunner often sought his services for weddings and funerals, although Frank was not Catholic. In those days the organ was in the loft above the porch. On one occasion he was asked to officiate at a wedding but the problem was the happy couple could not make up their minds as to which of two hymns were to be sung. Just before the service began, Frank was very worried as there was still no decision. He got hold of the best man and told him to speak with Fr White-Spunner to make sure he announced the name of the one to be sung. The appointed moment came, and Fr White-Spunner turned to the congregation and proclaimed, "We will now sing the next hymn"! Frank looked in his mirror and muttered, "Thank you, Father!"

This was still the time when the Mass was said in Latin, but little did the parishioners realise that the parish, along with the rest of the Catholic Church worldwide was heading for massive change. The Second Vatican Council resulted in many changes including the altar being turned to face the people and the introduction of the Mass in the native language of the country. Even after turning the altar round, the altar railings still separated the Sanctuary from the rest of the Church.

If you have or know the whereabouts of images of St Mary's during this period we would love to here from you.

Father White-Spunner