As late as 1964 St Mary’s was still a small Parish administered by Father MacDonald, affectionately called Father Mac. He was by then an elderly gentleman who, despite having a car, regularly toured his parish on his black bicycle and wearing a beret. The car was only brought out if the journey involved more than five miles one way! (He is perhaps be a lesson to us today!) Visits to parishioners were often made unannounced and he cheerfully went on his way if told it was inconvenient! When he retired he went to live on the South Coast of Ireland.

St Mary's school still consisted of just two classrooms and was located at Heron's Ghyll with a Miss Monahan as the headmistress. She remained in control until after the school moved to its present location behind the church here in Crowborough.

There were 52 children in the school when Miss Monahan was succeeded by Mrs Balmer as headmistress. The new head established the first PTA and Ray Hennessey (still in the parish today) became its first chairman. In order to raise funds for building the school hall the PTA organized the first Christmas Bazaar which managed to raise £300.

If you have or know the whereabouts of images of St Mary's during this period we would love to here from you.