On Church preparation for opening and volunteering >>>>

Post date: Jul 21, 2020 5:37:05 PM

Dear Parishioners,

It has been agreed that St Mary’s will open in August for personal prayer for the community. Over the next ten days we will work to meet the Diocesan guidance requirements and make the church a safe environment for all.

We need volunteers to oversee the opening of the church and cleaners who would be prepared to come in before and after the opening sessions to clean the church; the required PPE will be provided.

We will be making changes to the church layout and applying for Diocesan approval in the coming days, so please watch for the next communication.

If you would like to volunteer please contact the office as normal, using the parish email address stmaryschurch.crow@gmail.com

Finally, all please note, Fr Kevin is not part of this initiative, and therefore please respect his privacy.

Anthony Moffatt and Peter Hamerton.