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Altar Servers

An important link and focus for young people in their journey towards Confirmation

This is a group of young members of our Parish who are trained (or training) as Altar Servers. It is entirely voluntary, there is no minimum period of service and anyone who has made their First Holy Communion is welcome to join. Training usually takes place over 2-3 years of regular attendance (depending on age) leading to enrolment into the Guild of St Stephen. Receiving the St Stephen’s medal is a sign of leadership and commitment to altar serving in the future.

The St Stephens Medal worn by alter servers

Any young person who is interested should come along to the Sacristy at one of the weekend masses for a short introduction. There is no long term obligation. All we ask is that, if you decide to join, you come along to training once a month and serve as often as you can.

We are also looking to have a senior/adult team of altar servers who would come together occasionally to support the Parish and help lead the younger members of our team.

For any enquiries, please approach one of the parent leaders Tilly Berry, Cath McCarthy, Fiona Moore, Agata Sula or feel free to contact Father Kevin at the Priest’s Cottage.

If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.