Sister Thomasina (Bella) Profession of Solemn Vows >>>>>

posted 3 Jul 2020, 02:46 by St Marys Crowborough   [ updated 3 Jul 2020, 02:47 ]

Sister Thomasina will be making her Solemn Vows as a Benedictine Nun at Tyburn Convent on 1st August. 

All are welcome to attend. The time is to be confirmed later.

We are sad to report the death of Fr. John Healey, Parish Priest of Selsey, who died suddenly >>>>

posted 2 Jul 2020, 10:34 by St Marys Crowborough   [ updated 2 Jul 2020, 10:35 ]

Please pray for him, his family and parishioners at this sad time.

Message from the Metropolitan Archbishops of the Catholic Church in England >>>>>>>

posted 27 Jun 2020, 11:17 by St Marys Crowborough   [ updated 27 Jun 2020, 11:19 ]

The full text of the message can be read either by clicking on the PDF below or by downloading the letter by clicking on the blue arrow.

Your attention is drawn to two sentences, firstly "A significant number of churches may remain closed as they are unable to meet the requirements for opening for individual prayer." and secondly "When we return to Mass there will be some differences in how the celebration takes place."

As previously advised St Mary's will stay closed until further notice.

Re Church Opening from the Chairmen of the Parish Pastoral Team and Parish Finance Team >>>>>>

posted 25 Jun 2020, 11:50 by St Marys Crowborough   [ updated 25 Jun 2020, 11:52 ]

There has been a review of both the Government and Diocesan guidance and it has been agreed that the church cannot be opened safely, not just for those who would want to access the church, but also for those who would have to steward the opening of the church, and also those needed to clean on a regular basis. 

So, St Mary’s will remain closed until further notice. 

If you have any comments, questions or queries please raise by email with the office 

Please do not ring Father Kevin.

Tread the Track Sponsored Event

posted 25 Jun 2020, 05:28 by Noeleen Carpenter   [ updated 25 Jun 2020, 15:23 by St Marys Crowborough ]

St Mary's School community is hosting a sponsored 24 hour event from Friday 3rd July 9.30am to Saturday 4th July 9.30am to raise funds for the Arundel and Brighton Crisis fund which supports school and parish communities in our Diocese.  There will be at least one member of the school community walking the school track at all times over the 24 hour period. 

Unfortunately, because of present restrictions, it won't be possible for parishioners to visit this event but Father Kevin will be walking a lap of the school track and parishioners can sponsor him by donating to:

Ordinations to Priesthood and Diaconate >>>>>>

posted 19 Jun 2020, 03:44 by St Marys Crowborough   [ updated 19 Jun 2020, 03:44 ]

In the event that it is not possible to celebrate a public Mass by mid-July, the ordinations will be celebrated privately. 

The decision not to postpone the ordinations has been made on account of the uncertainty of these present times and the possibility, however remote this may be, of a second ‘spike’ in the Covid-19 rate of infection. 

Please keep Tom Kent, Dominic Dring and Simon South in your prayers as they prepare for ordination

Bishop Richard will be celebrating:

the Ordination to the Priesthood of Deacon Thomas Kent on Saturday 11th July at 3.00pm, and 

the Ordination to the Diaconate of Dominic Dring and Simon South on Tuesday 14th July at 7.00pm.

Both Masses will take place in Arundel Cathedral and will be live-streamed via the Cathedral’s YouTube channel which may be found at

There will also be a link from the diocesan website and Twitter feed, and orders of service will be available online to enable those watching at home to participate in some way in these significant and joyful days in the life of our Diocese. 

After ordination, Tom Kent will be celebrating live-streamed Masses as shown below.  

St. Joseph’s, Guildford                                      Sunday 12th July at 10.00am

Christ the Prince of Peace, Weybridge             Tuesday 14th July at 12.00 noon

English Martyrs, Horley                                     Sunday 19th July at 10.30am

St. John’s, Horsham                                          Sunday 26th July at 10.00am


On the subject of church opening - a message from Fr. Kevin >>>>>

posted 15 Jun 2020, 06:48 by St Marys Crowborough   [ updated 15 Jun 2020, 06:49 ]

Dear Parishioners,

Whilst there is the possibility of opening the church for private prayer and reflection, St Mary's will not open presently. There is a considerable onus on the community to maintain the highest standards of cleaning and supervision and at present we are unable to meet the Diocesan requirements.

Anthony, as Chair of the Pastoral Team will work with the parish office to draw up a list of those in the community who would like to pray in church, with the view of this happening in the future, subject to us complying with the guidance. 

We would encourage you to continue to use the online Masses available and Bishop Richard's podcasts to aid your praying.

Information on the Opening of Churches - or not yet >>>>>>> Click Here

posted 10 Jun 2020, 07:48 by St Marys Crowborough   [ updated 10 Jun 2020, 07:48 ]

Although the Government has given permission for churches to be open for private prayer, every church will not be opened unless the strict conditions for Health and Safety are observed. 

There is no possibility at the present moment that masses will be celebrated as this is not permitted under the rules.

IF a church is opened, it will be for individual private prayer only.

Further information will be provided in due course. Please watch this site for information which Fr Kevin will put out when available.

Bishop Richard's Notice >>>>>>>>>> Click Here

posted 8 Jun 2020, 04:17 by St Marys Crowborough

Bishop Richard asks us to pray for peace and justice in the United States.


Bishop Richard writes:  I have written to the Prime Minister, making the case for the opening of churches for private prayer as a matter of priority.  Other bishops have also written and it must be hoped that positive news will be forthcoming.  As soon as it is possible to open churches, information will be provided regarding the ways in which this can be done while ensuring social distancing and the other measures that are required.

Parish Notice from Fr. Kevin >>>>>>>>>>> Click Here

posted 8 Jun 2020, 04:13 by St Marys Crowborough   [ updated 8 Jun 2020, 04:14 ]

On Thursday 18th June, Fr Kevin will be celebrating (privately) the 59th Anniversary of his Ordination.  We wish him a happy retirement when he is able to leave us.

On Sunday 12th July, Fr Kevin will be remembering it is 25 years ago when he celebrated his 1st Mass in the Parish.  He thanks you all for the personal support you have given him during his time as a priest at St. Mary's.

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