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MASS will be at 11 a.m. on Sunday 1st July followed by festivities and refreshments in the garden thereafter.

NO 9.30 a.m. Mass this Sunday.

New Rota >>>>

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The rota for bidding prayer writers is now available to September 2018

Easter 2018 Service and Mass times >>>>>

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St Mary's Pastoral Team, 
together with Fr Kevin, wish you 
a very Happy and Joyful Easter.

Palm Sunday   25th March

 Vigil Mass  with Blessing of Palms and
 St Mark's Passion Reading   -  Saturday 6.00pm

Palm Sunday Mass with Blessing of Palms, 
outdoor procession (weather permitting) and 
St Mark's Passion Reading        - Sunday 9.30am

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday of Holy Week 
Morning Prayer at 8.45am before Mass at 9.00am

             Holy Thursday29th March   

Everyone welcome to the Children's Mass in school                                                        9.30am
Mass of The Lord's Supper                       7.30pm
Watching until                                          10.30pm
Night Prayer                                            10.15pm 
              Good Friday - 31st March 
Day of Fast and Abstinence

Office of Readings & Morning Prayer      10.00am
Liturgy of the passion                                3.00pm
with separate Children's Liturgy
Stations of the Cross.                  

      Holy Saturday 31st March
Office of readings and Morning prayer     10.00am
The Solemn Easter Vigil with the first 
Mass of Easter                                           8.00pm

Easter Sunday 1st April
Mass in St Mary's                                      9.30am
Mass at Heron's Ghyll.                             11.30am
Mass At St Peter's Rotherfield                   8.45am

New Rota >>>>

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The rota for Children's Liturgy Leaders February to September 2018 is now available.

Weekday Masses >>>>

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There will be no weekday masses from Monday 8th January until they resume on Monday 22nd January.
There will be normal Saturday vigil and Sunday morning masses at the weekends.

New Rotas >>>>

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New rotas are available online for Sacristans (Feb-May 2018), Extraordinary Ministers (Feb-May 2018) and Saturday Evening Readers (Jan to Jun 2018).

New Rota and Telephone Numbers >>>

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A rota for counters from January to June is now available as is the latest list of contact telephone numbers

New Rota >>>>

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The rota for Sunday Readers from February to May 2018 is now available online.

Christmas 2017

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Father Kevin and all the members of the Parish Team  you and your family a Happy Christmas and every blessing in the New Year

Services of Reconciliation during Advent

St Mary's Church Crowborough        Thursday 7th December at 7.30pm

Sacred Heart Church Wadhurst        Monday18th December at  7.30pm


Masses and Blessing of the Crib 

Saturday 23rd December
Confessions:                                                            5.00pm to 5.30pm                                                                                            
Vigil Mass:                            6.00pm

Sunday 24th December      4th Sunday of Advent
Sunday Mass:                       9.30am

First Mass of Christmas     Christmas Vigil
& Blessing of the Crib           8.00pm

Monday 25th December     Christmas Day
Mass with Carols:                  9.30am
Mass:                                    11.00am

Tuesday 26th December     St Stephen's Day
                                                (Boxing Day)
Mass:                                     10.00am

Saturday 30th December
Vigil Mass:                              6.00pm

Sunday 31st December        Feast of the Holy Family
                                                (New Year's Eve)
Mass:                                      9.30am

Monday 1st January          Mary, the Holy Mother of God  
                                                (New Years Day)
Mass:                                      9.30am

New Rota >>>>

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The rota for those providing refreshments after Sunday mass is now available for Oct 2017 to Feb 2018

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